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Sep 20, 2023
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New Site Participation Bonus – Get 10 Bonus Points at Each Post

Dear community members,
We are delighted to announce a new, non-exciting Participation Bonus on our site!
From now on, every time you contribute by participating in a forum post, you can earn 10 bonus points.
These points will accumulate throughout the year and will then be allocated at the end of the year.
We firmly believe in the value of your commitment and contributions to our community.
Bonus points are our way of recognizing and rewarding your constant efforts to make our platform dynamic, enriching and collaborative.
Here's how it works:
Active Participation: Contribute by sharing posts, commenting or participating in forum discussions.
10 Bonus Points per Position:
Each time you create participated in a post, you will earn 10 bonus points.
Annual Cumulative:
Points will accumulate throughout the year, and at the end of the year you will be able to see how valuable your participation was.
Annual Award:
At the end of the year, bonus points will be allocated to your account, which could unlock special benefits or put you at the top of the ranking of outstanding contributors.
We hope this new rule will add an exciting dimension to your experience on our site, strengthening the sense of community and rewarding your dedication.
Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts on this new rule in the comments below.
We look forward to seeing your thriving participation on the site and rewarding your outstanding contributions at the end of the year.
Thank you for your continued commitment and enthusiasm!
This system takes effect today
So you will need to post on the link in the image below the number of Forum Messages published
that you had on your account at the bottom right of your profile.
you have the whole month of January to communicate your figures to us. [we give one month since we know something new]
If this deadline is exceeded, it will be postponed to January 1, 2025.

Important :
if some say I will post more because bonus
this position was created
Jan 02 2024 00:01
and we see the date on your posts too
the accounts are closed on January 02, 2024
positions from January 03, 2024 will be paid on 01/01/2025